Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Interesting organization........

Last night Frontline had a nice documentary on a neat organization (called KIVA) that is doing some cool stuff with microfinance. They link through the use of the internet entrepeneurs in poor countries with potential donors. Not surprisingly, their website has been crashed by people like me following up after the Frontline documentary. Anyhow, this is worth checking out and is potentially something that we could partner with or consider doing in the future as we work to find ways to live out our faith in practical and liberating ways. Below is the web address:

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Beth said...

I've been really interested to see the Kiva stuff. I've given some to Global Giving, which is similar in being a very direct way to give to specific projects, but different in not being a microloan, just a gift. I ran a project on another blog I have where readers funded a program for AIDS awareness in Cameroon through GG.

Not to turn this into a shameless promotional comment, but just FYI there is also at least one Christian microfinance ministry looking for support (with which I've had some involvement) as well: Five Talents.