Friday, November 24, 2006

communality on flickr

late adopter that i am, i finally joined the cool kids and opened a flickr account.

yesterday's lazy thanksgiving afternoon gave me the chance to upload some pics so if you are interested check out the communality set

i also posted some of my nature-y pics and some three springs farm pics
if any of you have some communality pics hosted by flickr (or another site) please let us know...a link in the comments would be nice.


s.o said...

welcome to flickr, then!
Over the past year, I've been very excited to see the features and usefulness grow. good step, and see you there!


billy said...


Thanks for posting these great pictures. It is always nice when we're on the road to be able to check-in here and see what's going on back in Lexington. Hope that everyone is having a great holiday. We're leaving for Denver tomorrow and I will return on Tuesday.