Monday, November 27, 2006

Advent Advocacy

To add to my husband's postings, Sherry and I have put together the following way to be awakened to the suffering and brokeness of our world. As we awaken to the coming of Salvation during advent, let's remember that God calls us to be participants in his redemption. Please join us for:


What: Communality invites you to
A weekly advent letter writing lunch

When: Wednesdays 11/29 through 12/20

Where: Third Street Stuff Coffee
257 N. Limestone

Each Wednesday during advent we will be hosting a table at Third Street Stuff to provide an opportunity for anyone interested to recognize various issues of poverty, disease, and injustice and to take action against them in a letter writing campaign. Information regarding the issue and current legislation as well as the names and addresses of legislators and a sample letter will be provided.

Topics will include:
November 29th: HIV/AIDS
December 6th: Hunger and poverty
December 13th: Debt relief
December 20th: Department of Peace

Drop by during these times at your convenience. Come for one or come for all.

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billy said...


I think that this is a fabulous idea and I wanted to thank you for helping to make it happen. We are all truly honored and blessed to have you and Clinton in our lives. Your love and commitment is an example to everyone around you. Keep going in it......