Wednesday, November 22, 2006

the chief and the queen

heard this story on the BBC this morning.
i thought it was a hopeful piece....some dignity finally given to a man who travelled across the ocean to represent his people. it is a sign that times and people and nations do change, perhaps a sign of some 'justice' finally coming - or it could be too little too late. is something like this better than nothing?

here's a quote from the article...
The Queen is to unveil a memorial to a native American chieftain.
Accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh, she will pay her respects to Mahomet
Weyonomon, of the Mohegan tribe, who died of smallpox in London in 1736.
He travelled from Connecticut to petition George II about the capture of his
tribe's land by English settlers, but died before he met the king.
Foreigners were barred from being buried in the City of London so his body
was interred in an unmarked grave.

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